Epilogue: Who is this man on my timeline? He is so handsome, fine AF (as fuck) and he is so talented at what he does and a damn good salesman fa sho. If I could get close to him, I wonder if he would find me attractive, my imagination is running wild as I fathom the thought of us in different positions, taking trips, shopping, and making love in different cities, different places where our worries would be put on the back burner.
Scene I – Foot Locker – Southland Mall 

This dude is fresh to death, I like his True Religion jeans and shirt, it’s a perfect combination for his style. As I was walking out of HerShe, I purposely accidentally bumped into him, excuse me I say, I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to bump into you. “It’s all good, you from Memphis?” I can’t believe he is holding a conversation with me, I feel like a school girl, with a high school crush on the quarterback of the team. Yes, I’m from Memphis, been here all my life, what about you? “Yeah, I was born here, lived a few other places but my heart and my family is here. I tell you what, call me later, I may be getting out, I would love to catch a drink with ya and chop it up.” As my insides are screaming, my pussy starts to jump in excitement, calm down kitty, although this drought I’ve been going through, just may come to an end. I’m older now, so who gives a fuck about what others think, my plan was to fuck this man a year ago, and the opportunity looks very enticing, I’m finna text him in about an hour, I gotta go home and change my clothes, put the kids to bed, make sure they have eaten and shit. Hmm, I sure wonder if he is serious or nah, well I suppose time will tell.
Scene II – In Route to Outback Steakhouse 

He just texted me and told me to meet him at Outback on Union, I was already anticipating the outcome of the end of this date. I’m nervous, I’m hoping he see how awesome I am and bring his fine self ova to me, by letting me have my way. Yeah, he told me had a baby mama and a few children, and I know he may be a little tied up doing the family thing, but I’m feeling him though. I gotsta make him mines someway, somehow, and I think I have just the plan.
I pull up and he tell me he is already inside at a table waiting on me, he said he always arrives early, and if I’m on time, then I’m late, I took note of that. I decided to wear a fitted shirt, some pearls, and some fitted jeans, I was a little casual earlier today, and I wanted to show him, I can spruce up rather nicely, if need be necessary. In our small talk, I made sure to show my flirty side, I am very touchy-feely, his face is so smooth, his beard is cut to a tee, and his teeth are imperfectly perfect. We connect so well, to my surprise we have a lot of things in common, similar interest and honestly, he would make the perfect ying to my yang. The waitress comes over with her head down and looks up smiling but that quickly faded away, when she called him by his government name. “James!” I look at him and he looks at me and gets up quickly and said, “baby let me explain?” Baby? Who in the fuck is this? “So on my 1st day at work, you decided to bring a bitch to my job?” Angela said. “I thought you told me you was working at Logan’s?” He said. At this point, I feel the need and urge to get the fuck up and get the fuck out, I just met the fine ass man, but I ain’t down with the drama. I eased my way to the parking lot, and before I get to the car, she comes running out. “Bitch, is that what you do, prey on the all the husband’s in the city, ol’ tired looking ass bitch.” Did this waitress working ass bitch, just call me tired and a ho? I lift my shirt up, to show her my .380, cuz I ain’t gone play with this bitch, one thing fa show and two things fa certain, I got yo tired-bitch-ho.
Scene III – IHOP & Jasmine’s house 

What in the world just happened? Damn, I just had to pull over to the IHOP on Union and gather my thoughts. As I’m sitting here, a text comes through my phone [I’m sorry baby, I was really enjoying your company, I didn’t know she was working there, honestly. I never would have put you in harm’s way or get you involved in any bull shit. Can I make it up to you?] Make it up, bullshit, mane this dude is crazy, and he needs to get his life together, but I’ma respond and see what he wanna do. Text: [How you wanna make it up, cuz I’m still hungry and I love steak.] Wonder what his reply will be, really don’t wanna get involved with him, but his charisma, his attitude, his spirit, is pulling me near, I smell trouble, but I like a little danger. Text: [Can I come to you?] This is a time in life, where I wish I had a side apartment, but it’s all good, I’ma let him come to me and see what happens. I shoot him my address and I get home, only to find my house a mess, damn! I hate when I’m getting ready to go somewhere special, I totally ransack the place. He messages me and says, [Outside]. Umph, well we gone have to chill in the driveway, cuz ain’t no fucking way, he coming up in here. I go outside and we are eyeing each other in the most seductive way, he asked me, “why you looking at me like that?” Hell, I couldn’t tell him the real reason, that I was trapped in a mental fantasy in my head, as he was fucking the shit outta me. Oh, no reason, I’m just admiring your handsomeness, we have small talk, he seems to be feeling me and fa damn sho I’m feeling him. I decided to kick it up a notch, I caressed his face with the back of my hand, trimming the outline of his beard, sliding my fingers slowly down his neck, till I began rubbing his chest. I glare at him, as I see him trying to hold the beast in, but I was determined to see what the beast consisted of entirely. I told him he needed a massage, I asked him to lean forward, as I stroked his back, hitting his pressure points, causing him to let down his inhibitions and relax. As I went to his shoulders, he began to moan and looked at me with this glazed stare and said, “why you touching me like that?” Cuz you need it, you gone let me suck your dick? His breathing paused, I slipped my hands down to feel his erection and it was rock hard. I unzipped his pants so that I can feel his masterpiece, as I kissed him on his neck giving him maximum satisfaction until he couldn’t take no more. I climbed into the driver’s seat as he reclined his chair and I mounted him, he gave me full access, and I know I felt it in my stomach. As we were being taken away in ecstasy, the windows fogged up, we opened our eyes and see a light flashing through the car window. I’m thinking in my head, is this the bitch or the police?

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