Scene I – Mud Island River Park

I came to the river park to feel some fresh air, Greg called to my surprise, and wants to meet up with me, not sure why, but hey, why not. I ain’t got shit to do, I decided to blaze in the park area, under the trees, where no one was present, it was peaceful, quiet, and relaxing. He pulls up in a nice whip, clean cut, I noticed his height, he has to be at least 6’5”, then he has a swagger walk, and his shoe game is some serious, check marks all down my list. I’ve been celibate for the past year and I don’t wanna break my celibacy for an ordinary guy.
He tells me upfront about his wife-to-be and the child that they share, I can’t lie, it stings initially, not because I wish I was her, but I would love for a man of his statue to take me serious and pursue me with all force. I’ma use the YOLO as my motivation, I’ma have me a man, by hook or by crook. I already channeled in my inner chica, Eve, to come on out, might as well do this shit. This good snatch gotta be what he want, what he don’t know is, that I’ll do whatever he want me to do.

Scene II – Memphis International Airport


I’m running late as hell, which is as-usual by the way, and I notice Greg in a uniform, who knew that he was a pilot with Allegiant Air. I put a holt in my steps, and did a you-turn with my feet to place myself in his presence. I approached him straight groupie style, I was so extra with it, I laughed at myself in the inside. Our mutual co-workers joined the conversation, I bowed out and I messaged him in the messenger app and said, “Meet me in Corridor B, employee break room, make sure the coast is clear, #227 is the code, I’ll be in there in 5 minutes. He looked both ways as if he was crossing the street and proceeded to head to the corridor. Awe yeah, I’m about to cash in on this smooth, athletic, suave’ man, oh my goodness, funny part is, that he has no idea of my capabilities. I send my belongings with John, as he is also a flight attendant with Southwest, and told him to give me 25 minutes, then text me when the pilot gives his announcement. As I’m walking towards the break room, one of my coworkers came up to me, I tried to ignore her but she insisted on talking to me, I catch an attitude and tell her I need to relax before the plane takes off, I needed some alone time and that I would see her shortly. Whew, dodged that bullet, I ease in the break room, turn around and put the sign on the door that said, “meeting in progress” the break room was nice, a great view of the city, 3 areas, a main area and off the main area where two cozy corners, where it was made like a mini hotel room. I walked around the corner and I didn’t see him, so I tried cozy corner room number two and he was lying on the couch with his hands interlocked behind his head, stalked naked. Weren’t you worried if someone else was gonna come in here? “Not at all, since you was calling the shots, I figured you had that all under control, I decided to undress since we were running on a tight-time-schedule. I put on my sexy walk as I begin walking and undressing at the same time, a smirk came across his face and I knew he was gone love this shit. I straddled him, and trailed my fingers across his chest, as I bow my head, as he grabs his growing erection, and gently places it inside my sweet, warm, juicy center. I decided that straight fucking was the way to his heart, I bucked on his massive dick, as it sank into me, moving my organs and shit. I needed this part of life and so did he, we are sweating profusely, but we weren’t done yet. He picked me up and placed me on the window ledge, I grabbed the window like spider man, and he began pounding this pussy as if he was trying to stake a claim on it.  My watched beep, John sent a message “getting ready for take off, where you at?” Damn baby, hurry up, I gotta go. “Not before I taste that sweet paradise.” Baby, we don’t have the ti—, my thoughts became scrambled, FUCK that job, I’ll get another one. Then John sent me another message, “I told them you was checking on a customer’s luggage, so hurry the hell up!” Hell, by the time I checked that message, we had moved to the table top, I sent him a reply and told him I was on the way. I looked at him and told him I come back thru Memphis on Sunday night around 11, and he said he can make sure he is in Memphis by Sunday at 11. We smiled, I hurriedly put my clothes on, I see the red-light flashing meaning take off is in progress, I opened the doors, race down the hall, and arrived just in time to for roll call. I’m still sweating though, I dab my makeup, flipped my hair and appear to look refreshed after a great fuck. As I was scrolling through my purse, I see a handwritten note on a sticky pad, it read, “I’ll do whatever you want” how did he sneak that in my purse, oh we are gonna have a lot of fun. As I was caught up in my daydream, I felt something touch my leg, made my flesh crawl. This lady sitting in the coach section in the first chair on the last aisle row tugged my uniform and said, excuse me ma’am but I think you forgot something, my dear, her eyes shift downward and I follow her stare only to see….
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