Scene I – Interstate 55 South Bound


As I decide to hang out on this Saturday night, my baby sent me a message and said “get at me”… at the time I was headed to South Memphis but I was side tracked with a second message that said “Hilton Hotel rm 332, key at the desk, last name Diamond”…I’m intrigued and of course I’ve been waiting on this moment for so long, shiiit I busted a you turn on Airways Blvd and decided I would stop by and get something sexy from the Christal’s. So I picked up this lace body suit, it’s black, fitted and has a cut out in the special area. I’m thinking yeah he gone like this here, I already had on my red heels and I should have time to change before he gets there. What time is it?……I wonder if I have time to…..

Scene II – Marriott Hotel
I pull up at the hotel and it seems like they were expecting me for some odd reason, the man handed me a Louis Vuitton bag that Roman sent and I was so surprised, the doorman, escorted me to my room and opened the door. When I stepped in, there were rose pedals everywhere, ice buckets, several cigarillos, and plenty of the favorites. I hop into the shower, trying not to please myself cuz I know daddy’s gone beat this pussy up and I want to save all of these juices for the real thing, ooh we’ve waited long enough. I just decide to take a normal shower and so I get out the shower and dry off, and I decide to look in the bag, and to my surprise, there were all kinds of things in the bag. I saw, toys, lotions from Victoria Secret, a black dress, shoes, one pair of panties and a card that read “panties only.” I smiled, but I wanted to put on my lingerie, so I tossed the card to the side, and put on my sexy body stocking and red high heels, rolled 4 up and poured a few drinks. I knew any minute now, that Roman was going to walk thru the door and I wanted to be ready. I hear a knock at the door and I’m assuming it’s room service because Roman has a key (I’m thinking), so as I begin walking towards the door, Roman walks in and doesn’t say a word. We embraced each other by kissing so passionately, as I am walking backwards, Roman is stepping out of his clothes and we end up on the balcony. For some reason, I didn’t go out to the balcony, there were candles and a chaise lounge set up, so beautifully. Roman said, “nice lingerie but I said panties only, take it off but leave on the shoes, that shit there is sexy”….So I did as instructed, cuz I’m obedient, most of the time….but with a twist of course, I hit Pandora on my phone and played Beyonce, “Dance for you”, Roman grabbed a chair, and pulled out a bank roll. I performed a strip tease performance and by the time I was done, Roman dick was hard as hell! Yeah, I been practicing this routine for a minute, I knew he would love it cuz he emptied the bankroll midway through the performance. So Roman, picked me up and placed me gently on my back, on the bed, and started pulling my panties off with his teeth, making sure to leave kisses on my hips, my thighs, my legs, my ass cheeks, giving her a tingling sensation of what’s to come. Roman stretched my arms above my head and began slowly kissing my neck, my chest, my breast, as he cupped one and licked the other one and flicking my nipple back and forth with his tongue, was a sure fire hot spot for me. I arched my back in ecstasy while Roman fingered my pussy, intensely focusing on her clit. I am moaning with desire, he flips me over, places me on my knees and goes under me by licking my pussy with slow circles, kissing those lips, and sucking the shit out of my pearl tongue all the while still fingering her, giving her maximum satisfaction. I am yelling Damn! Shit! Fuck! Roman! Hold up! Roman grips my hips and makes me take it…I released all of my juices that I tried to hold on too and Roman rolls over on his back with a smile on his face and said, “my turn.” So I, dim the lights, place rose pedals on the bed and I smile with my hands on my hip, so as I began to caress Roman, there is a knock at the door, he says, “Who is that? No one knows we’re here”….I smirked, walked towards the door peeped through the peep hole, and oh my God, you won’t believe who is on the other side ….None other than…

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