Part II


Precious! Come on in honey, how are you? “I’m great, glad to be invited to hang with you guys.” You’re quite welcome, we were just in the middle of doing the nasty, care to join us?


Nah, not tonite, I was wondering why my husband keeps fucking you unprotected though. Obviously you two have been screwing around for awile and the yeast infections are becoming unbearable and annoying. So tell me Classie, how many men have you fucked today? This month? This year? Yeah I thought so, many men, like I said before. Roman says, “Baby why are you here?” You know damn well why I’m here, you low down, dirty ass, stanken breath, having ass brotha. So y’all thought I was gone roll with this shit here huh? Right.

(Knock, knock, knock)

Classie says, “who is at the door?” Oh, you thought I was the only surprise guest, don’t worry I’ll get the door. I opened the door and 4 men come in, dressed in all black, two of them went to Classie, and the other two to Roman. They tied them up against the chairs in the room and placed blindfolds over their eyes. I turned their chairs so their backs would face each other, and I could equally punish them. Nothing excites me more than to get revenge on the two muther fuckas that has ruined my life. Since y’all wanna be forever friends, I’m gone tie yall together permanently, so you will always have one another. Muffled screams are coming from Classie and Roman, I walk closely to them and whisper, If I hear one more muffled scream, I will cut the throat of your lover and we can see how that will play out, k? I direct the men to move to the side of the walls of the room, I walk to the stove and turn it on, glad they got a suite. I reach into my bag, and pull out my trusty branded torture iron. I place the heat so close to Roman’s face, he starts to shake but he didn’t mumble a word. I found it funny actually, I ease my way to Classie, and do the same thing in her face, she turned her head far to the right and my iron followed her. I watched her neck strain and sweat poured down her face. This bitch deserves to die, I scolded her ass right on her mutha fucking cheek. Mrs. Lee, looked very nicely on her face and I was determined for Mr. Lee to feel my pain. I look towards him and I say, are you ready baby? He is squirming in his seat, I unbuttoned his shirt, gave him a little peck on his chest and branded his ass too. Ladies and gentleman, can anyone tell me what the moral of the story is today? Of course, you can’t because you two are crying like newborn babies, cut the tears.

(Knock, knock, knock)

We all peer at the door in silence, I whisper, shut the fuck up. Who is it? “Hotel Security” Fuck! How can we help you, we’re undressed? “Well, the security camera shows the maximum number of visitors allowed in your room has been exceeded.” Oh, we’re sorry, we are having prayer and we would like to continue for just a little while longer due to the lost souls that wander the earth, do you believe in Jesus? “Um, yes ma’am.” Remind me to give you a pamphlet on our way out. “Yes ma’am.” God bless you sir. “Thank you.” Now back to the mutha fucking business, this shit ain’t over yet, a little fire won’t hurt nobody right? I lit 2 cigarettes, puffed them both, told Classie and Roman to open their mouth and I taped the cigarette over their lips. I couldn’t help but to let out a hearty laugh. I go into my purse and pull out my acetone nail polish remover, according to my research, this shit can be highly flammable. I began pouring it over their laps, being sure to put a little extra alcohol over her genitals. She was trying to hop out of that chair, I whisper, I know it burns, just let it burn baby, let it burn. Now, you may or may not die within the next 10 minutes, either way, I’m out. I began walking towards the door, and when I glanced back the ashes were falling, I stopped, smirked, turned the stove on, and blew a kiss.