Scene I – Memphis Public Library


Getting tired of the fucking Psychology bullshit, I don’t know why I majored in this shit, I’m not even interested, I would love to be a dental hygienist, I have this thing about teeth. Besides that, it’s a pretty little redbone across the table on the other side of the library, she is on the computer side, I don’t know why I am attracted to women. I love men though, but curiosity still strikes me every now and then, even though I promised my fiancé I was done with women, forever. Maybe this will be my last encounter, I usually dig older chics, they have taught me so much, especially the dominant ones. This one is a little younger, I kinda like it, I think I’m gone play the dominant role and let her be the femme, she might like that, especially since she seems so dainty. I watch her as she walks across the room, sashaying-n-shit, looking good-n-shit, hair flowing-n-shit. She started walking towards my direction, I refocus myself as I pretend to concentrate on my finals paper, she says to me, “can you help me with my homework, I’m having a little trouble with my composition analysis?” Sure, I can, but I’m actually getting ready to leave, we can meet somewhere or you can come over to my house, I live alone and I have a small Pomeranian, he loves people, most of the time. “Okay, great, give me your name and number and I’ll text you later.” Cool, they call me Peaches, real name Patty, yea I know, I have old parents. “Yea, that’s cool, see you tomorrow.” Hell, I was lying, I need about 2 more hours to study and plus I would like to gauge her interest level to see where her mind is at, I’ma hit that, I wonder will it be her first time.
Scene II – Dale’s house – Collierville, TN


How did the studying go at the library babe? “It went well, I got a lot accomplished today.” Oh really, are you cooking tonight? “I ordered pizza, should be here in about 10 minutes.” Her ass don’t never cook, I know she in school and shit, but a brother be hungry, she needs to step her game up before I skip my ass next door to Vanessa’s house, where I can smell neck bones, greens, candied yams and homemade cornbread, she always offers me a plate, every-single-time Peaches leave. I kinda ate a plate yesterday, I wonder why she don’t have a man, she told me about her struggle and I felt so bad for her that I gave her $300.00 towards her light bill.  If I tell Peaches, she gone flip the fuck out and swear I’m fucking that chic, so I’ma keep it to myself. “Baby I’m finna make a run to Marsha’s house and I’ll be back a little bit later, love you.” Her ass always on the go, leave me to here to fend for myself, she was getting better with spending time at home but now, I don’t know what she got going on. But Vanessa just texted me and asked me did I wanna come over and watch Orange is the New Black, seems innocent enough and I’m tired of being alone in this house.

I knock on the door and Vanessa comes to the door, dressed in short shorts, tube socks and a fitted shirt, not really my choice of clothes for a woman but she not my woman. She had prepared a snack for us and had it all laid out for us, she had some rotel, beer (my favorite kind), and lead us to her theater room, where I was pleasantly surprised that it was really nice. I told her I would only watch a few episodes because I needed to clean up before Peaches came back home, she is usually tired and I like to make her comfortable so she can relax before work tomorrow. “That’s fine Dale, I was just lonely and thought we could kick it because Peaches is always on the go.” Ain’t that the truth, after the first episode, we already went through a six pack, she had a mini-fridge that had 2 more cases, I’m already way past my limit, I better go home before some shit pop off that could cause me trouble. She walked past me and all I saw was her ass jiggling and the switch in her hips that I’ve never noticed before, when she bent down to get the beers, I felt my Johnson rising, down boy, this is not our woman. n I tried to readjust my pants, so she wouldn’t notice the budge, but it was too late. She came and sat on my lap, I wanted to fight her off but my johnson was loving that shit, he needed attention and so did I. My hands was rubbing her ass before I knew it and then she straddled me backwards and allowed my hands to rub that pussy, her shit was dripping, I knew I had already fucked up. Fuck it! She was so turned on by my finger game she eased up out those shorts and laid in the middle of the floor and said, “how do you want it?”
Scene III Marsha’s house – Germantown, TN

It was easier than I thought, getting out of the house with Dale, he had no idea, Marsha is out of town and I’m kinda house sitting. I texted Kisha and told her tonight would be better if she was able to make it, she agreed and said she was on the way. I cleaned up the other day but I want to create a fuck space, I mean study space so I can help her with that analysis bullshit. She blows the horn, I open the door, so she knows which door to enter. I ask her to sit her things down and then I tell her I can’t work without a drink, she agrees, I make a margarita and put a little extra alcohol in it, this one drink probably has enough alcohol in it for 3 drinks. She tastes it and says how strong it is, told her we will need it because of all the work we have to do. Her assignment was simple, I had the same teacher, so I pulled an old assignment from my email, revised it and printed it for her, she felt so much better. I watched her as she drank all of her drink, telling me about her problems and that she hadn’t had a man in a year and wanted to know if I could hook her up with someone. We laughed and I had to help her to the bathroom because she was drunk as hell, I pulled her skirt up, pulled her shirt off, allowed her to pee, and carried her back into the living room. She said “you’re so pretty, I need a new friend,” I can be more than that, I know you need a man, but I’m sure I can be a great substitute. I opened my purse and let my vibrator work the lips of her labia, she was loving that shit, I asked her if she wanted me. All I needed was the go ahead, and she gave it to me. Just know I’m in charge and we’re gonna play a game called Peaches says, similar to Simon says, are you ready? “Yes,” Ok, Peaches says, keep quiet and don’t say a word. Peaches says, lay in a doggy style position, head down and close your eyes. I placed the strap on around my hips with flawless effort without missing a beat. Peaches says, take this dick and throw that pussy back on me, yeah-that-way. Peaches says, turn over on yo side and let me slowly slide it in, and remember no sounds. Peaches says, come lay on top of me and ride my face while I fondle those perky breasts. Now your turn, she flips over and I tell her, I didn’t say Peaches says, now that causes for you to be reprimanded. BANG! BANG! BANG! Marsha, it’s a fire in apartment 2, get out now! “Who is Marsha?” Don’t ask no questions, get your shit and let’s get out of here.

Scene IV – Dale’s house – Collierville, TN


I pull up at the house and I see Dale walking from Vanessa’s apartment and he looked like he had a love spell bound on him, what in the hell is going on? They don’t see me as I creep up the stairs, I’m mad as hell, tears rolling down my face, I whip out my taser, rage came over me and I….

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