Scene I – South Memphis 


Lights! Camera! Action! 

Hi this is Cheri reporting live from Longview Apartments in the South of Memphis. The police state there was a shootout between two women, who share an apartment and apparently, the same baby daddy as well. The story goes there was an altercation between the two women, one of the baby mama’s, (Danita) wanted to cook for the baby daddy (Roy), but witnesses state that it was (Haley’s) night to cook. Neighbors said they heard gun fire and yelling through the walls, but no one was killed, and only minor injuries were reported. The paramedics have now arrived at the scene and they will transport the women to Methodist South Hospital. Stay tuned for more details, back to you Robbie. 

Cut! The camera man yelled. 

Let’s get the fuck outta here, I got shit to do and it ain’t in the South of Memphis.  

[Text message] Meet me at the office now, urgent. 

Damn, take me back to headquarters, something must’ve come up. 

Scene II (HQ) 


Things are always on and popping up in here, there is truly never a dull moment. Wonder what the urgent meeting could be about, this better not be about Ginger, Robbie’s wife. I had to cuss that chic out the other day, she thinks just because her husband is the executive producer, she has the right to try and boss me. I don’t have a boss, I have managers or supervisors, hmph. I decided to walk into my office first before heading next door to Robbie’s office, I just love my view. The City of Memphis is breathtaking at night, as I stare out my glass window, it is nothing short of amazing, the lighted bridge, the Redbirds stadium, and the excitement from Beale Street is simply stunning. 

[Text message] What part of now, don’t you understand? 

Shit! Let me go see what he wants, I knock on his door and he says come on in. I waltz in and he closes the door behinds me, takes my hand, forcing my hand to touch his dick, so I can feel the hardness through his pants. He swept off his desk in one long swoop, pencils, pens, and paper was scattered everywhere. He placed me on top of the desk as I was quickly unbuttoning my shirt, while rapidly kissing him. He was kicking off his pants one leg at a time, he flipped me over on the desk where I was bent over in the perfect position. He began licking on the small of my back and around my waist, while cuffing my breast and flicking my nipples, I moaned but he quickly put his hand over my mouth as he started to rub my clit fast, my body shook and I felt his dick enter into my body. The natural motion kicked in, where I rolled my neck around for him to grab my hair and lick my face. He was hitting this pussy so good, all I could do was bite my lip to keep myself quiet. He knows me so well, he whispered, I can’t let you go until I taste yo pussy. Damn! I can’t let him do this to me, he has a wife, he is married, he not gone have me—He knew that was my weakness, the way his tongue gently licks my clit, softly sucking my lips, and fingering my g-spot, I will never ever leave this man. My juices were flowing everywhere, I introduced squirting, he loves that shit! Shoot, by the time he was finished, I was laid out on the desk. He came over to me and whispered “we are not done” he placed a blind fold over my eyes and said shhh, be quiet, just trust me.” Damn I heard those words before but I’m gone roll with it. He then said don’t move, I heard the door open and I jumped, he said “be still” and lie back down plus spread your legs. I felt another person enter the room, but I didn’t say anything, but I felt a surprisingly soft touch, a very delicate touch, it was not his, it had to be a woman. Now, he knows I don’t get down like that, but before I knew it, she was tasting this pussy very mutha fuckin well, I reached out to touch her head, but he grabbed my hands and placed them behind my head. I came so hard, I just knew I was squirting all over the damn windows. Whomever this chic was, she had some serious skills, and it felt too good to object. She didn’t need any assistance, after she found my g-spot, I wanted to rip that damn blind fold off and see who was giving me so much pleasure, but I couldn’t. After that massive orgasm, he pulled me to sit up on the desk, and guided my hands to her pussy, the feel of her pussy was strange, I’ve only touched my own, but after she moaned, I felt like I did that. I so rubbed her clit, and fingered her until her pussy was soak and wet. I felt like a dude that succeeded in making that juice box wet. He guided me again to stand up and he turned me around, then asked me to kneel. I just know this nigga ain’t finna ask me to lick her pussy, now this mane done shot off. I felt his dick on my face, so I felt relieved. Then I began to feel a necklace of some sort, snap around my neck, I reach to feel it, and I feel a chain attached to it. He says from this moment forward, you will do as I say. What the hell?!? Awe nah, I’m finna get out of here, I started to stand and he placed his hand on my shoulder and said, you do know that new position that you want is yours right? Shit! I’ve worked my ass off  literally, physically, and sexually to get to where I am, that new job will be a game changer for me, damn it! The woman was now beside me because she reached out to hold my hand. He said to her, you know I got you as well, she said, yes. Her voice was very familiar, I know this ain’t…..Nah, couldn’t be. He asked her to stand up and lie down on the desk, and he commanded me to taste her pussy. Do what?!? I didn’t even want her licking my pussy, now I gotta lick hers, this is some bull shit, I said to myself. So, I went with the bullshit, I swallowed my spit, eased down on my knees close to her and began licking her thighs, I decided to penetrate her with my finger, but I felt his hand on the back of my head nudging me forward, so I began tasting her pussy. It wasn’t that bad, I thought I was pretty good for the first time. I kinda got the hang of it and wondered why in the hell it takes guys so long to master the art of eating pussy. He had to put his hand over her mouth because this chic was moaning so hard, which was actually turning me on, she gone get us busted. He begun licking my pussy as I was tasting hers and it was absolutely delightful, better yet, marvelous. After my orgasm, he laid us beside each other, at this point we was both naked, I touched her face just to see if I could tell who she was. I couldn’t but he says “you two lay down and be quiet.” Not again, what in the hell is going on, I hear the door squeak once more and I hear, “What-the-fuck is going on in here” I sat up, snatched my blind fold off and all I could do is cover my mouth with one hand and my boobs with the other. It was….. 

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