Scene I – Starbucks @ 8:00 pm – Side Nigga # 1 

Come see me baby? Girl, if he would say, or even send those words via text, IM, SnapChat, Messenger or any other Social Media tool I would be delighted. I just don’t think I have it in me to reject him and if he breaths my direction, whispers sweet nothings, tell me what I want to hear, it’s a wrap. You know what I mean? When I’m around him, it feels like my spirit has been re-connected to a past life. The haunt for my soul mate is over, never knew there was a light-skin man in my future, but now I know. “Girl, isn’t he married?” Yea, but that’s beside the point, I’ve visualized him in my bedroom many times, as I have closed my eyes when having sex with others, only to imagine him intoxicating my secret place like he climaxes with his wife. I ain’t gotta be a side-chic or nothin’ like that, I just want to be a part of his life, help make his life better, help relieve some of that stress he carries around daily. “Uh-huh, yeah, so what you gone do?” I’ma wait on him to text me, or maybe even call me, I won’t make a move until he gives me the go ahead. I did tell him where I lived, and gave him an open invitation. He is educated, smart, financially savvy, disciplined, and a take charge type of man. “You know damn well that man gone be over your brother house tonight, so you gone go?” Hell fucking yea I’m gone go! I’m gone be cute as hell when I do go, but family friendly cute, and the after party gone be lit at Club Love on Winchester. I  got a bad ass dress that’ll make his jaw drop and when I shake this ass, I’ll make sure he is mesmerized.

Scene II – Tuesday’s Crib @ 10:45pm – Side Nigga # 2 


Girl, this handsome  ass nigga, right here! Dayum?! Is it possible to be in love with two dudes at the same time? “Hell nawl, yo ass just in lust with these dudes, and you might love them in a different way but in love, no-fucking-way. What do you like about him anyways?” I don’t know, he is sweet, charming, sensual, loving, kind, does everything in his realm of reach to make me happy, but of course I have reserves. But it’s enough to keep me coming back, to pull me emotionally close and tug at my heart strings on a consistent and regular basis. [Text Message – Where you at love?] See he is texting me now, “so what you gone do, are u gone fuck him or nah?” Oh, I’m gonna fuck him, for more than one reason though, number 1 – I ain’t got nobody and number 2 – I really like him. (Doorbell rings) “Girl who is that at your door, at this time of night?” Leah yo ass need to roll, nosey ass, go through the garage door, it’s Lil Demo, he done popped up. “Why he ova here, I thought yeen fuck with him like that?” Damn. Didn’t I tell yo ass to go, I ain’t gotta explain shit to you. “Do this nigga got a key?” Bye Leah! “This nigga must be laying the pipeth down cuz you ain’t never ever done that bullshit. Hell, I pushed Leah out the door, and tried to strike a sexy pose when he came in but it was a little bit of an epic fail. He whispered “tell daddy how you want it.” I want it however you give it to me. Instead of moving to the bedroom, he gently laid me across the floor, while planting soft kisses on my face, my neck, using his teeth to tug at my clothes, I slipped my shirt off my shoulder which led him to hot spot # 1. His touch was so sensual, I needed him to stop, I didn’t want to feel good, but I needed it, things have went way too far to turn back now. He understands me, but there are so many negatives but I’m sure I can turn them all into positives. We are only friends and I can’t do it, I need to end this shit before it goes any further. He whispers, “I got you” at that second, I dropped all of my doubts, all of my insecurities, at some point of time I realize I have to trust again. I gave in, and he felt it, the moment was magnified, his lips set my insides on fire, I had no choice but to reciprocate, we rolled back and forth on my hardwood floor, connecting and accepting the realization, while allowing the moment to take us in time, intertwining our bodies, all of these feelings and he hasn’t even entered me yet. This man has made love to my mind, kissed my body and has me persuaded that he just might be the one. I whisper, “I love you.” (Door buzz) He looks at me, glances at the door, grabs the pistol and stands on the side of the door. He motioned for me to come here and asked who it was, I peeped out the window and it’s Bernard. FUCK! “Open the door” I ain’t finna open the door, so you can hurt him, he ain’t did nothing but rang the doorbell. “So this the other nigga that you fucking?” I ain’t fucking nobody but you. “Good. Now, do as I say and open the door slowly.” SHIT! I open the door to a crack, and I say, hey, how are you? He says, “you gave me an invite, so here I am, are u busy?” Well, yeah I actually am, can I call you? I glance over at bae and he about to bust a blood vessel, I tried to close the door, Bernard stuck his foot in and stepped in and towered over me, for a split second I forgot bae was standing there. This brotha is just breathtaking, we were both startled when bae said “So y’all gone stand there and mind fuck each other right in front of me?” Bernard says, “who the fuck is this nigga?” Bernard just go ahead and leave, let me deal with Demo. “Demo, the rapper? Damn, nigga that is you! Awe main, I didn’t know Tuesday was yo gal, my apologies my nigga, and um would it be to much to ask for your autograph? “Nigga, get the fuck outta my house and if I see you again, I’ma send them goons after you, weak ass nigga.” I didn’t hear anything past this was his house, this is my shit, I pay the rent in this camp. I slowly close the door, and when I turn around, Demo is standing over me, my breathing is shallow, my heart starts to flutter, and he whispers “you gone pay for that.” What the fuck does he mean by that?

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