Scene: Benihanas Restaurant


Shanice! I would like to be the first to welcome you into our family dynamic, even though Carmelo tries to secretly fuck you. Have a seat baby? Right here, beside me, so how much is Melo paying you for the side chick position? “Um, what kind of question is that?” You know damn well, I know my husband and you’re not the first side chick sweetie and from the way that you’re dressed he bought that outfit too. “Baby” said Carmelo, we both replied yes. I wanted to slap the spit out of her mouth, bitch you know he was talking to me, I shot a look at him and he just sat back in his seat. So what’s your cost boo? “Well he pays me $15,000.00 a month and there is a no questions asked clause in the contract.” Of course, there aren’t any questions asked, he learned that from his x girlfriend and that one didn’t end to well. Did he tell you about dum dum Darla? Well, that bitch thought she was gone replace me, the nerve of her, now why in the fuck do you think she thought that dumb ass statement? That was laughable, now back to you, listen here, let me tell you how this shit here gone work. See, I staked you out from the beginning, I saw how sexy and pretty you were 6 months ago (sucks teeth). I knew he would fall for you and from the looks of it, you’re in love with my mutha fucking husband. Now, ain’t that some shit, hmph. Let me tell you how to keep us in your life. First thing first, you will be moving to the Claiborne homes area, yeah I know it’s a fucked up neighborhood, but you’re a fucked up person, so that shit really don’t matter, right? Secondly, you’re gonna work that apartment liked you worked at Macy’s last summer, you better upsell every fucking customer that comes through the mutha fucking door. Your instructions are in the gold envelope and your key to the apartment # 187 is already on your key ring. You will also receive further instructions (phone rings) via that cell phone that is ringing in your purse on my command. Don’t worry love, Melo will be over to fuck you extra special tonite, but only if you be good. I will have him bring you that Louis Vuitton purse you’ve been eyeing, now, hustle hard. (Winks and walks away)


What kind of strange shit is her ass up to? Does she have body guards surrounded by her? I knew this bitch was in the mafia! I started to follow her in the restaurant but I got a really good view of her from the window I parked near. I thought she was meeting a man, but she talking to a couple and her face appeared to be nervous, hell she looked petrified to be honest. Okay, she is headed out and let’s see where they are going now.


These mutha fuckas got me all the way fucked up, game recognize game ALL day, the bitch didn’t play me, I got my mutha fucking paper. Hell, I’m almost done with my mortgage and I’ve bought rental properties in my name only, so when this dude is gone, his paper brings me more. Yeah, I’ll play along with the little plan because I know what’s at the end of this rainbow and it’s a big ass pot of gold. He escorted me to the nastiest, filthiest, apartment in the entire complex, I looked at Melo and said, really babe? I can’t live here, for one it’s in the ghetto and for 2, IT’S IN THE MUTHA FUCKING GHETTO! I’m mad as hell, I don’t know if my life in the ghetto is worth this married ass man I’m fucking with or not. Damn. I quit my job two months ago as a lawyer because I was making my yearly salary within half of the year. Now, I’m fucking stuck, I’ve invested 90% of my income and I didn’t expect this shit, so I need this money to stay afloat. I walk in the apartment and to my surprise, it was decked out, looks like shit on the outside and sugar on the inside. They had me an office set up, and by office I mean a buffet table, masks, hospital gowns, scales, and cute little ziploc baggies. Ricky was apparently my body guard, he stood around the door most of the time, I over heard them talking and he has an apt across the hall from me. I’m sure the protection is from the Mrs. to make it easier for him to keep an eye on me and the money. (Tap, Tap, Tap) (Yelling a whisper) “Shanice! Shanice! What in the hell is going on?” Shylo? Wha- how did you find me? “Bring yo ass out that mutha fuckin house before that big ass brother see me out here.” I can’t baby, I’m gone call you later, now go home, “naw I ain’t going no mutha fuckin where, I’m coming in….”


Scene I – Parking lot of Benihanas

Well damn, this shit here have taken a turn for the worst, I thought I was getting ready to have some real deal action and Cinnamon pop this bull shit off. I-should-have-known, she was gone let the cat out of the bag, but I honestly like Shanice, she is a good girl, but I don’t know if she will be able to trust me again. Yeah, I needed her to fill the position that Darla left but I still had more moves to make. Sigh. Let me go to the spot and see if my baby need anything.

Scene II – Claiborne Homes Apartment Community

(Knock, Knock, Knock) silence throughout the house, then Rickey opens his door, what’s up main? “Nothing much my guy, what cha got going?” Just checking on Shanice, ”oh she in there, you want the key?” Nah, I got mines, I was just trying to be respectful and allow her the privilege to unlock her own door but I see she doesn’t have good sense. I open the door and look around and I see no one, I check the lab and no one there, I look in the bedroom and it’s a man climbing through the window. Bruh, who is you?! “Look main, I’m just trying to see my gal,” yo gal? This my woman and you got less than 10 seconds to get the fuck up outta here unless you tired of living. “Baby come with me, I can do my best to take care of you, just give me a chance, I love you and I—“ (shots fired) “Oh my God! Melo, why in the fuck did you shoot him?! I think he might be dead!” Fuck that bitch ass boy, I told him he had 10 seconds, hell I was lenient towards him, that was 11 seconds. Tell Ricky to clean this shit up and next time you decide to have company, you damn sholl betta ask for permission, bitch.