Scene I – Fox and Hound – Southaven, MS

Ashley – AKA Pooh Bear
My boyfriend always tripping, I love him though, I got this new gig and I travel way more often than I did without him. He wants to go everywhere I go, but I won’t allow him, because I want him to get a fucking job and float his own weight. I’m not gone be the freak in the sheets, lady in the streets, Molly the maid, Betty the Crocker, and the breadwinner, he gots me all the way fucked up. He claims he wants to go to school but lays on my couch smoking reefah all day and chilling with his homeboys playing the Xbox. Not my idea of a husband, I don’t know how he bought me a ring, but I saw it on accident the other day while I was cleaning. Little does he know, I ain’t marrying him, I’m not marrying any man who can’t prove he can provide for me and give me a sense of security. He just came from the corner store and scraped up 2 quarters for 2 loose cigarettes, and I can bet on the way home, he gone ask me to buy him a $2.00 beer. He really doesn’t drink cheap beer, he prefers the Corona, but he wants to take it easy on my pockets and downgrade his taste. Hell, that ain’t helping, as the waiter to brings the ticket to the table, he all of a sudden has to use the restroom, as he has ordered a full rack of ribs, a sirloin steak plus the cheese sticks as an appetizer. I look into my purse, looking for my wallet, I realized I left it at home in my pants pocket. Shit! Um, I need to run to the house and I’ll be right back, tell bae, to stay here, I need to run to Frayser really quick. The waiter had a strange look on his face, as if he was getting off shortly and I was fucking with his time. Fuck I’m posed to do, I grabbed my keys and rushed out the door.

Scene II – Frayser Blvd

Damn! Why is it so much traffic out here? This is highly uncommon, I stop at the red light and look to my left and I see my ex-boo thang in traffic, he pulls beside me in a Cadillac, which is his usual style. He had 28’s on it, custom paint job, and he was beating down the block from the wang in his trunk. I said to myself, Ashley, you got a nigga, he broke as fuck, but he yours. His window came down, I smiled, “what’s up baby, where you headed?” I’m headed to the house, “I’ma follow you.” I know I should have declined him but I just replied, okay. Hell, how in the fuck was Tory gone get to the house anyways, I will just catch up with him for a minute. We pull up and I get out of the car, he stepped out, dripping in diamonds, looking like he just left a video shoot. Damn! You looking fly as fuck, where you coming from? “Awe baby, this my every day look, I done came a long ways, since you left me.” Ain’t that some shit, I ain’t even gone play into that bullshit trap he just put out there. So what exactly do you do for a living that affords you this look of marvelousness? “I became a lawyer baby, I went to law school and I graduated last year and I joined the Ballin, Ballin and Fishma firm. I started as an intern and they loved my street mentality mixed with my highly educated intelligence and I’m currently ranking in double digits monthly. So what does your man do for a living?” Why in the fuck does he keep me in these uncomfortable ass situations? Should I boost Tory up or tell him the truth? Well, he is in between jobs right now. “So that means you fucking with a bum basic nigga, right?” Yeah, nigga, yeah. “It’s okay baby, I still got mad love for you, let me ask you some doe?” What Ken? “Does that pussy still taste like cherries?” Boy you crazy, only one way to find out is all I can tell you. “Ah shit, an invitation, I got time and I got money, what you need baby?” Um, I got a man Ken. “I ain’t ask you what you had, I asked you what you need?” Umph, well to be honest, I need a few bills paid, no more than $5000.00 though. “Same ol Ashley, yo ass padding that shit, you probably got one bill due and that’s the mutha fucking light bill and it ain’t nothing but $200.00!” I smirk and say, it’s been a minute, “lead the way.”

Fox and Hound

“Sir, I’m not sure where your wife is at, but your ticket is $59.23, how would you like to pay for it?” Hold up my guy, I got it, I’m just waiting on her because we rode together. But I’ll pay you, here is my credit card, take a $20.00 tip for your inconvenience. I don’t know where in tha fuck Ashley at but I’m finna Uber my ass back to the house. I know she thought I ain’t have no money, but Ion let her money hungry ass know all my moves because we will never have shit. I been saving money to buy her this house she been dreaming of, so I pretend not to have much, plus she don’t really like how I get my money, so I don’t let her know too much of my business. I already got a bid on a spot and I can’t wait to surprise her with it, she gone love it and she will finally trust enough, to turn over the torch, and allow me to run the household as a man should. Let me get to the house, I can’t even call her cuz my phone dead and tell her not to come. Maybe I’ll get the Uber to stop me by Kroger to get her some flowers, that’ll put a smile on her face, cool he pulling up now.

Frayser Blvd

I lead the way alright, straight to the attic, couldn’t take a chance that Tory could walk-in and since the attic has a back door, the escape should be easy, if need be necessary. It’s extra hot in the attic and I’m trying to move shit around to give us some space and I find the blow up mattress, I bend down to blow it up and begins pumping my ass through my clothes. Gone nah, let me finish, “fuck that air mattress” I just need to get things done right. I see money in the air falling to the ground, I look back at him and he has a stack of money, flipping one bill out a time. Like you said, fuck that air mattress, we begin undressing at the same time. By the time I was finished, it was a bed of money for me to lay on, I eased down and laid on my on my back, he stood in front of me in awe and glory. His body is glistening from the peek-a-boo sunlight that’s shining through the small window near the ceiling. Looks like he has been working out and I know I have, I placed on my matching pantie and bra set from a new collection I recently discovered. Tory says it’s the shit and I’m glad I put it on today, it grips and cups my breast, and shows my round ass that I’ve been working on. So I decided to give him a floor show, I turn over on my knees and begin wiggling my ass in slow, fast, and circular motions, I pat my ass to give it an extra jiggle and pull my panties to the side to remind him how pretty my pussy is, he kneeled down, kissed the small of my back, gripped my ass and slid in the tip of his rock hard pipe. Memories flashed before me, he wanted me to beg, and I did, I tried to throw my ass back, his hands were firm. (whispering) Please give it to me baby, I can’t take no mo. He didn’t say a word, as he thrusted into my garden, listening to my moans and flowing with the rhythm, changing his strokes based on the pitch of my moan. No words were needed, I tried to control myself but losing control is exactly what he wants me to do and I cooperated to the fullest extent. All I could do is swing my head back and forth, turning my head to the far left just to see him in action and letting him do what he do, and then as soon as he is about to cum we hear chirp chirp, the alarm is deactivated. I don’t know if it’s the kids or if it’s Tory….