Scene I – Alfred’s Night Club @ 12:47 am

Beale Street is crowded; the weather is absolutely perfect, it’s probably around 70 degrees in Memphis tonight. The wind is blowing from the river to give it that even feel, my dress is long and flowy so I kinda feel like Marilyn Monroe, but I’m prettier. The music is blaring, people are everywhere, there is a live band tonight and they are on point. I love music, I can’t remember names very well but never-the-less, I will sing my non-talent heart out. My cousin Roxy is with me and she is hot in the ass, she got me fucked up tonight though. I ain’t babysitting her ass, I’m trying to get up with Quan with his fine self. She talmbout kicking it with the dude, with the braids and shit, at his house in North Memphis. I ain’t paying her no mind, so we at the bar drinking our favorite Ciroc drinks with a couple shots of patron on the side. Next thing I know, she pulls out a tiny pill, I ask her, is that a 4 bar? She says, “yep, we’re gonna split it,” I don’t know about that. “Oh come on, it’ll be fun” she said. Fuck it, we popped it, and apparently this was not her first time, like it was for me. She was super turnt on the dance floor, dancing with no-rhythm-at-all. On the other hand, my head was spinning, my heart was racing, I couldn’t figure out if this was an upper or downer. I’m thinking, why in da hell is she so hype? Shit! I feel like I’ve been sedated, I gotta shake this shit off, I tell her, let’s go! She says “hold up, I gotta tell dude something, I’m coming, give me a minute.” WHAT-IN-THE-FUCK! I ought to leave her ass but I can’t fucking drive, ugh, I scream at her, bring ya ass on! She yells back, “okay, damn, calm down girl, we leaving now.”

Scene II – Denim and Diamond Strip Club @ 2:22 am

I wake up in the car, look around and I see all these bright ass lights, not to mention the parking lot is full as hell, why are we here? She says, “girl dude said to meet him here” for fucking what? Take me home, I told you I ain’t got time for dis bullshit, she says, “wait in the car, matter of fact go back to sleep.” Oh, who in the fuck she think she talking to, I followed her ass in the strip club and was immediately mesmerized by the entertainment. I haven’t been to a strip club in a long time, there were half naked women everywhere. It was one main stage with 4 dancers shaking ass to one of my favorite songs – Might Be by DJ Luke. Somehow, I got distracted and lost sight of Roxy, I walked around and saw a sign that said, “Code Red Exotic Dancers, basement level.” So of course I’m nosey as hell, I creep down the stairs, peep my head in and I see a dark hallway with a red light on the ceiling. As I began walking down the hall, there were rooms on both sides. I glance through the curtain on the left and it was a relatively small room, dimly lit with a coffee table, lamp and a sofa chair. The atmosphere was Kosher, laid back, seems as if I was in a different club. That room was empty so I eased down the hall way, tip toeing to ensure no one heard me coming. I look through the window of the next room, and I see Roxy ass, stalked naked with a garter belt on her thigh. The guy was the same dude from Alfred’s, these mutha fuckas crazy as hell, she don’t even know this mane. Fuck that shit, I’m finna go. I see the exit, so I’m headed down the hallway and this fine light skinned brother steps in my path and asked me, “are you leaving so soon?” Um, yeah like, I was just headed out, “well don’t go yet, I’m starting a show in 3 mins, and I want you to be my special guest.” Oh really, why me? “The lady I imagined tonight was a slim thick woman, with just enough curves, ass to grip, and she would be dressed in all black.” I’m sure there are plenty of women that fit your imaginative description upstairs. “But none by the name ReeKey, um how did you know my name, “it’s tatted on your left breast, now follow me.” He led me around a corner and I walked into a super dark room, where I had to use my hands as eye sight. I used the walls as a guide and then I bumped into a chair and sat down, eyes big as bo dollars. The floor lights come on and shine on the little round stage. He appears and says, “It’s showtime,” I thought you said, I was your special guest? “You are my special and my only guest, now sit back and enjoy the show.”

(Ques music) Ginuwine – None of Ur Friend’s Business

He comes out grinding, flipping, sexually arousing me, he came so close to me, I had to reach out and touch his pecks. Sweat was dripping all over his body and he was glistening from the overhead lights as his partner enters the stage from the left. He looks extra delicious and his name was Melt in ya mouth. Well damn, what’s the other guy name? “Sunkiss,” he replied. They danced all around me, and Sunkiss was in front of me, giving me life, while Melt in ya mouth was behind me easing my straps off my dress. I tried to play it off, oh I wanted it, but I didn’t want them to think it was gone be easy. Mr. Melt began fondling my breast by giving them a sensual massage and as soon as I drifted into ecstacy, Sunkiss was having a snack between my legs. This mane deserves to be crowed King pussy eater, I mean if I had a trophy, he would be the grand prize winner, hands down. I couldn’t believe I was letting these 2 fine brothers turn me out, I need to go, I can’t continue this here. Next thing we know, we hear a siren, Melt says “it’s a raid!” They run and disappear in plain sight and I’m trying to get my self together, I hear “POLICE! Is anybody down here?! I’m looking around for a place to hide, my uncle is the chief of police and if he knows I’m here, everybody will know. I hope my cousin got her ass in a good hiding place because she don’t need any more heat on her. Fuck that, I slide in a closet that didn’t have any clothes in it, as a matter of fact, it had shelves of drugs. It’s dark as hell but I know a pound when I smell and see one. Shit! This is the fucking drug closet, I hope and pray they don’t catch me and charge me for all this shit! I’m standing real still, but then I realize I’m not in this closet alone. No time to focus on that, I’m peeping through the crack of the closet, watching my Uncle approach the closet door, I feel a panic attack coming along. I look behind me and there is a door, I make a mad dash for it and blitz to the car and I see Roxy waving me down from the roof top. I couldn’t yell, so I just motioned her to be quiet and held up my index finger, signaling to her that I was coming for her. Wouldn’t be right now, cause’ the block was hot, she was gone have to wait. I had the keys this time and I peeled the fuck off. 

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