Forbidden to love, to lust, to touch, to kiss, to sniff, to live, to breathe….but I desire love….

The as-ifs come into play, the wonders, the maybe’s, the only ifs, the change, the conform, the chance…but I desire love…

But the reality sets in and the realization hits and you know it’ll never be, but the fire still burns, infatuation grows stronger, and all I can say and think about is…..but I desire love….

I believe God has meant for me to be alone, punished for bad choices and decisions, I cannot allow others to sacrifice their life for the sake of me, I’m not worth eternal death….but indeed I desire love…

I suppose I desire the things I can not have, the things that aren’t supposed to be touched, the forbidden fruit from the top of the tree, the orange leaves in the fall versus the green leaves in the spring. So why do I seek what I can not have, why do I seek what doesn’t belong to me….

Because I desire love.

CiCi Rayne

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