Scene I – St. Baptist Church


Walked into the church, ya know, in one of those “what in the hell is she wearing” dresses. Yep, the ushers and wives had this look on their faces, as if they were appalled at my attire. Hmph, I waltzed in with my head high, my stunner shades on and my new designer bag, and I knew I was fine. Women were gasping and clutching their pearls, as I sashayed down the forbidden center isle they had roped off. I don’t usually attend church but when I do, there is a mission to accomplish. Men were giving me the eye, winking at me, and offering me their seat when I approached the front pew row. I giggled to myself, these squats had my ass looking right, plus my research was already done, I knew who was raking in the dough, and it was the associate minister. He was in his late twenties, worked out, body to kill, eye color changed according to the season, and his lips were perfectly structured. I follow the church Facebook page and figured out he was preaching, so I knew my timing was flawless. When he stepped to the pulpit, I made sure to cross my legs slowly, just to see if I had his attention. He began stuttering, and at that point I decided to save my pussy shot, since obviously he was caught up from my beauty. The head usher decides to come and place a napkin over my knees, chile please, I whipped out my compact mirror and begin dabbing the excess oil from my face and tossed it on the floor. She gave me an evil look, so I bent over in my seat, pushed my boobs upwards and said oops, just so the minister can get a good look of what’s to come.  She saw my move, I smirked and tossed it on the pew that time.

Service finally ended, everybody apparently desires to shake hands, hug, and question who you are, your family connection, and your blood type. I avoided all those questions and went straight to the minister, shook his hand with my number cuffed in the palm of my hand. I smiled, winked at him and strutted my cute self down the aisle with an extra twist in my hips, while chuckling to myself.

Scene II – Roz’s house


Bzzz Bzzz – My phone vibrates at 12:01am and reads “you are so beautiful” I had to squint my eyes to clarify the unsaved number on my phone. I responded “who is this”? He then said, “Trevor” just the guy I was waiting for, I hopped up out of the bed, drank some water and gargled some mouth wash, before I texted him and said “call me.” I wanted to have my sexy voice on when he called the phone, so I propped myself in the guest bed and laid the phone on my face while I spoke very softly. I couldn’t chance it that my husband would hear me, even though he sleeps like a rock.  So I didn’t have time for small talk, I got right to the point, so um Mr. Preacher man, you don’t remember me from the National Convention in summer 2014, in New York? He stammers, and says “you look kind of familiar”, yeah I know, I was in the class your ex-wife taught. “So what’s the deal” he said. Look, I’m trying to start a small business and I need about $20,000 I told him. *Silence* Hello, I said, “yeah, I’m here, just was appalled at your straight forward request from a woman I just remembered meeting a few moments ago. I understand, but just to let you know, I am well worth it, consider this an investment, possibly a tax write off. “Says who”, he yelled, says me sweetie, why don’t you meet me at the church in 30 minutes. “At the church?” He said, I guess, I’ll be there in 10 minutes, don’t disappoint me and we will have to discuss this $20,000 loan further. I tell him, sure we can do that.

I chuckled and said to myself, he got me fucked up, this ain’t no mutha’ fuckin’ loan, but I’m gone roll with it for now. I pull up at the church, the back door is open, I look around and I see no one, I ease myself to the alter and I drop my trench coat, exposing my fire red satin corset, I connected my ruffle garters to show him the elegant side of me. I cocked one leg over the “king” chair, so when he walked in, his mouth dropped and he mumbled, “Lawd have mercy.” I motioned with my finger telling him to come towards me, he was taking baby steps as if he was scared of this pussy. So I started licking my finger, and I began rubbing my pussy just a little, I needed to see his dick rise from his pants to determine his size. He started unbuckling his shirt and pulling his pants down in one smooth motion. He launched onto me, licking my neck, rubbing my D cup breasts, I turned around and slid downwards, allowing his dick to titty fuck me, the look on his face was amazing. I felt he was about to cum, so I pulled up, he was hot and ready by this time. He grabbed all this ass and began fucking me from the back, his dick was bigger than I thought. I thought I was going to have to fake it, but this minister was fucking the shit outta me, but I knew I needed to get a handle on things, I stopped him, and began falling to my knees, as soon as my mouth wrapped around his dick, his knees started to quiver but then we heard some keys jingle, we look up and whisper to each other (someone is here).

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